BSc and MSc in European Health

Teaching model

The teaching method Maastricht University uses is Problem-Based Learning (PBL).
The teaching method devised for the new European Public Health programme evolved from PBL. Based on the most recent educational insights, it is known as Active and Self-Directed Learning (ASDL).
ASDL stimulates students to be highly critical, investigative and motivated. In close collaborations with programme staff, they increasingly take responsibility for their own education, development and personal growth. The EPH and Faculty of Health Sciences staff members offer them every opportunity to tailor the programme to their own needs, so they will be able to graduate as academic experts.

Spiegel Online on: Duitsers-Boom in Holland

Spiegel Online reports on the increasing number of german students who study in Holland because of the better study situation (16.3.2010).

Duitsers-Boom an Hollands Unis hält an [...] PDF-Dokument [35.0 KB]


The Independent on UM

The Independent recommends: go dutch! (18.6.2009)

The Independent_ Go Dutch, ...pdf PDF-Dokument [60.4 KB]


Spiegel online on studying in the Netherlands

spiegel online reports on why some many students from Germany come to the Netherlands (29.10.2009).

Nix wie raus hier.pdf PDF-Dokument [28.2 KB]