European Public Health

The FHML bachelor programme European Public Health gained a first place in the student guide 'Keuzegids 2014'.

As Europe becomes more unified, Europeans are more often seeking healthcare across borders and national health policies are becoming increasingly harmonised. The bachelor’s programme in European Public Health is for students who want to gain a holistic understanding of national and European healthcare systems. 

International approach

The first programme of its kind, European Public Health bridges the gap between health sciences and EU and national healthcare policies. From the start, your education will resemble an international working environment, requiring collaboration with a diverse range of students from all over the world. You will work in small groups, applying your knowledge to the latest, real-world international public health issues. European Public Health after all is about prolonging life, preventing disease; protecting health and promoting healthy living, through the organised efforts of society, for all Europeans.

European Public Health is a three-year programme taught in English.