Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Health

Integrating Europe we bring together health care systems, cultures and economies with their strengths and weaknesses. Since the Maastricht Treaty  (1992, Article 3) the EU commits itself that  ‘activities of the Community shall include […] a contribution to the attainment of a high level of health protection’. Health is an important dimension of ‘Social Europe’ addressing health inequities and improving better access and quality of care for European citizens. Despite huge economic, social and political efforts to build and enlarge the European Union for the good of its citizens there are still serious health inequalities within or between Member States. Still little is known about the influence of European Integration on the health of its citizens especially among the circles which are not directly involved in the topic.
Therefore our aim is to increase awareness and develop knowledge about European Integration and Health by an innovative educational itinerary for the Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Health held by Prof. Helmut Brand. The itinerary addresses students, academics, health professionals and civil society at the local and European Member State and non- member State level using modern interactive, individualized methods, internet and social media techniques. 

(adapted from Application form, 2012)

The activities in the framework of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Health are organized with the support of the LLP programme of the European Union.





Local educational itinerary


International educational itinerary


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Online repository

  1. From Public Health In Europe to European Public Health
  2. Final report from the future of Europe Group
  3. Health 2020
  4. Council Conclusions: Towards modern, responsive and sustainable health systems
  5. Council Conclusions on common values and principles
  6. Commission staff working document Investing in health
  7. Commission factsheet on Consumer Protection and Public Health in the Enlargement process (PDF, 0,26 MB)


Recorded lecture package


LinkedIn Group

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Online Short Course ‘European Integration and Health’

The Department of International Health is organising an online short course on European Integration and health in August. Core issues of European integration and collaboration in the field of health will be addressed by means of introducing comparative perspectives and European solution to health and health problems. The short course covers:

  1. major milestones of the European health mandate in the last 20 years
  2. insides to health inequalities in Europe
  3. an introduction to the Health in all Policies approach using tobacco policy as an example and
  4. a discussion on health systems’ goals and the values underlying these systems. 

The course has been developed in the framework of prof Helmut Brand’s Jean Monnet Chair activities. 

The course will run from 14 August to 26 August 2015 and will include five online sessions of one hour via the Blackboard Collaborate interface on Monday (17 and 24 August), Friday (14 and 21 August) and Wednesday (26 August). Course materials will be provided. Participation is free of charge.



Please send a short email to in case you are interested. Feel free to share shortly your background and special interest regarding the course.