Patients between rights, obligations and autonomy:
The example of Health Literacy

Helmut Brand
Keynote lecture at the European Forum Alpbach
Alpbach, Austria 20.8.2011
Health Literacy 8 2011 Alpbach.pdf
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Europe: A Health Laboratory
Helmut Brand
Keynote lecture on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Academy of Public Health, Düsseldorf, 8.7.2011
Gesundheitslabor Europa.pdf
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Changing Roles of Patients and Consumers with reagard to Information and Health Literacy
Helmut Brand
Product Information Forum 2011
London, 8.6.2011
DIA London 8.6.2011 Session 4 Helmut Bra[...]
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Teaching Public Health in Europe
Keynote on the occasion of the celebration of 20th anniversary of the School of Public Health at the Jagiellonian University Krakau, 16.4.2011
Teaching PH in Europe 20 years school of[...]
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Why health promotion and disease prevention are essential for improving population mental health and for the sustainability of health systems
Helmut Brand
EU Conference on Promoting Mental Health and Well-being in Workplace Settings,
Berlin 3.-4.3.2011
Mental Health at the Workplace Berlin 3.[...]
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