Research International Health

The research activities of the Department of International health are embedded in the program “Comparative Health” within CAPHRI. The research vision can be summarised in the following mission statement that was developed by all INTHEALTH staff during a participatory group process:

We take interdisciplinary perspectives on health in the process of European Integration and Europeanisation.

Recent research projects



·         Create and implement a citizens' cooperative for health and well-being

·         Well-being that operates within the framework of the NRW ecosystem for a digitally digitally-enabled healthcare





  •  Risk management and prevention of antibiotics resistance



  •  EU Member States need to cooperate and coordinate their efforts regarding rare diseases; having 27 separate national approaches is inefficient and ineffective

  • This is especially important for rare diseases, because patient numbers are low and resources are limited and scattered

  • Acting at EU level can result in economies of scale and support the efforts made by each country


European Union Health Policy

  • The use of Structural Funds for Health in the European Union (Health Equity 2020)
  • Patients Rights in the European Union (PreMAx)
  • Capacities for Public Health in Europe (PH-Cap)


Health Literacy in Europe

  • The European Health Literacy Survey (HLS-EU)
  • Health Literacy in Diabetes Care (Diabetes Literacy)


Child Health in Europe

  • Childhood accident report cards on European regional level (TACTICS)
  • ‘Best’ Child Primary Health Care (MOCHA) Leaders for European Public Health
  • Life Long Learning for public health professionals (LePHIE)


Public Health in South East Europe

“The SEE Public Health Research Network” Ethics in European and International Health Policy